Monday, December 04, 2006

Creative Exercise #1

You guys should write comment/stories for the below picture; I'll start it off. Your story doesn't have to be related to mine.


  1. "No, no Johnny, please!" Little Billy Oppenheimer begged for mercy, unfruitfully and to deaf ears as Johnny Capone pushed Billy's wheelchair closer and closer to the edge of the canal.

    "Shoulda paid up in time, crippled bitch!" Johnny didn't care that Billy's brother had spent up all Billy's multiple sclerosis medicine money - destined to be paid back to loan shark Johnny - on Philipino hookers.

    It was probably worth it, as Billy was just a sloppy loss anyway.

  2. Jaws IV: Tard Feast

    The Special Olympians never anticipated that their big weekend out would end with unparalleled carnage.

  3. Wheelchair thrown into lake after God appears and performs miracle.

  4. According to a Merck Medical press release, its plans to develop a new line of 'cripple-subs' have been scrapped after initial tests revealed the design to be no more seaworthy than a normal submerged wheelchair.