Friday, December 15, 2006

For some reason I can't add comments to the previous post

The nerdy blogger sat at his crudely constructed laptop station in his humble Honolulu apartment, which was situated on a wooden desk he had found in the street, while sitting on a chair he had found in the street.

After engaging in some machine-constructed spliffery that involved tokability of a furious sort - not unlike a man flailing for a bottle of prune juice after eating Polonium and Jelly sandwiches - he sat to type, knowing for sure he had it in him to come up with hot material for the blog story.

Should I continue the escapades of conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh and various NFL personalities in their quest for more drugs, he pondered, whilst contemplating the significance of Matthew Q's picture. Or, should I go with a UFO abduction twist ending, where the mothership descends upon the crack house and lifts all to travel the outer reaches of the universe... the choices flowed freely, like bacterium in the vegetables of a dirty restaurant.

Instead, the blogger thought it'd be best to go with the self-referential, multiversal-crystallizing ending, while throwing in something about the multiverse for good measure, and hoping that just maybe that in itself would promptly awaken K-Minor into taking action with a fourth and completing post.

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  1. Alas, Mr. Minor sat idly by and watched the blog narrative disintegrate around him.

    Kevin had learned that living in a van down by the river takes something out of a man, leaving little energy for posting on blogs.