Monday, December 04, 2006

License To Sleigh: Bond Saves Christmas


The holidays are in jeopardy.

Santa Claus, striking from a hidden rebel base, has turned to the dark side and is selling British defense secrets to the Iranians.

Jolly Ol' St Nick also has plans to distribute toxic polonium pancakes instead of presents.

Just imagine little Sally and Billy biting into XMAS breakfast and receiving a mouthful of untraceable, radioactive death.

There is a high probability that Christmas cheer will be at an all time low.

Bond has only 24 hours to put Citizen Kringle in a shallow grave and deliver complimentary XBOX 360s to the children of the world.

Rated NC-17: For extreme fisting and unbridled pwnage.


  1. I just started playing Half-life II and it's the goood. That is all.

  2. Ive played the demo and I have to cooraborate your observation. THe gravity gun is well implemented. I was going to post a pointless post but ppl be posting so now I dont have to.

  3. why isn't there a Pimps N Hos game yet? You know people would buy that shit. The new Scarface game is pretty close to it, though.

  4. Yeah! And where's the Borat game in which you are afforded the opportunity to steal gypsy tears and throw jews down a well?