Friday, September 29, 2006

Friday agenda.

1.) Get drunk.
2.) Play micd acoustic guitar and vocals doing foo fighters covers in garage all by myself.
3.) Profits.

I've already completed 1 & 2... I think I will linger on #2 until it becomes too late to play music. Then I'll see about the profits.

Comments and suggestions welcome... also any advice on my life direction or whatever.


Thursday, September 28, 2006


It's whats for dinner.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I'll think of something to say...

But until then!

The Adventures of Lenker

culled from the annals of the Goleta Historic Preservation Society and Maggots

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Tecate has begun.

It's impossible to prove absolutely that the universe is deterministic, because there can always be some undiscovered phenomenon that will violate the deterministic laws you had previously figured out.

It's also impossible to prove absolutely that the universe is non-deterministic. Just because something appears to operate randomly, or withing some probability cloud, doesn't mean that there aren't some governing deterministic rules which we simply have yet to grasp. Non-determinism is kind of a cop out that way... "We don't understand it, so it must be random."

Zell Mutant

Friday, September 22, 2006

Sweet Greenery

This mother forced her baby to take mad hits of the bizong, so that the child would become more mellow and docile.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Check this out!

Google trends shows you the search volume for certain topics over a period of time.

Notice how snakes became more popular a few months ago.


Things I could do with the garage at my new place...

1) Poker room
2) Grow room
3) Love dungeon (females only)
4) Place to make some homebrewed beer
5) Band practice space for only myself
6) Car hold
7) Rent out as a holding cell to various government affiliated paramilitary groups
8) Homeless shelter (make them work for me)

Your taste in music...

Early 90's post-schlock rock: Billy and Kurt taught me that the electric guitar is more than just a socially acceptable penis extension.

Phil Collins: Yah its sad, but I was pretty naive back then. 'Susudio' is still a cool song thinks me...

Classical: It might not have the dynamic punch of modern music, but we can't ignore the influence it has had on forming my earss preferences for tonality. You still can't beat Beethoven across the board, especially the 'breakdown' in the middle of the 9th symphony.

Jazz: Well it perplexes me and forces me to envy the chops of others, but thats about it.

Reggae: ....thats just country for stoners...

Hip-Hop: Sorry but I just can't get into monotonous rhyming and monotonous 'beats'. Ya gotsta change it up more often.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Chocolate and beer...

...go exceedingly well together.

If you've never tried, then you're missing something quite clean.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Quit your job & make music all day... that's what God told me.

... I'm about ready to listen. Last Friday I submitted a couple CDs to this record label, as it turns out my friend's friend is the president. So, I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much, but I'll let you know how it goes. This is an excerpt of a piece I'm writing on the reasoning behind why humans think music is so good.

Objectively speaking, the only real, scientifically-discernible reason for the existence of music in the evolution of humankind is the sexual fitness-through-aesthetic creativity proxy.

This basically means that music exists to increase one's chances of getting laid.

There's no doubt that there's a bit more to it than that, however.

What about the maternal feeling of a deep, enveloping bass, or the unconsciously-induced body shaking that occurs during an undeniably funky groove?

What about the urges for interstellar exploration that spontaneously erupt during the dotted, intertwining polyphonic melodies of the Grateful Dead or Pink Floyd?

Despite the recent rise in popular misconceptions, music is not simply a marketing tool or a way to get laid -- it appeals to something in us deeper than that.

I knew I was meant to be weird when one day it retrospectively occurred to me that I got into psychedelic bands like Pink Floyd and the Orb well before I ever tried any drugs.. The music, back then, was not meant to go with the drugs, but was a drug in itself. It still is.

Sometimes when I hear some syncopated beats with interlocking rhythms of an interesting tambre, the music acts as a key in my brain to unlock a different state of consciousness, where I am far less aware of my physical reality, and aware only of the music and the fact that I living. I am transported to a place that seems to be between my ears and my brain (what... the inner-ear? there's not a whole lotta room in there). Then the song ends or I am rudely interrupted by something in the external reality.

Music, at its best, makes us feel all sorts of crazy emotions that we seem to channel best through dancing... coordinated, rhythmic body movement to physically demonstrate what the music is mentally doing to us... lifting weights, having sex & driving a car all seem to work well with music too (don't try them all at the same time).

Maybe, just maybe, music is indeed our earthly connection to the divine. After all, the motivations behind musical aestheticism are about as well understood as the reason behind why there is anything at all.

In any case, while we are here, there's not a whole lot more I'd rather be doing with this existence than listening to or making music.

wuz here

(ps I hope my homeys are keepin it real in the 805/wherever Josh lives)

Friday, September 15, 2006

Work = Yag

The following is an SQL query statement:

SELECT Products.SerialNumber, Locations.LocationName FROM Products INNER JOIN Locations ON Locations.LocID = Products.LocID WHERE Products.ProdType = 'Robot' AND Locations.CustomerName = '"&CustomerName&"' AND Products.EndDate > "&DateUTC&" ORDER BY Products.SerialNumber ASC

The above query searches for all active robot products which belong to a given customer specified as input by the user.

And now, some C++ code:

if( gnVerRemote >= 20208 && GetPrivateProfileInt( "Setup", "DoDialog", 0, gszIniFile ) )
gbNeedDlg = true;

This is from a networked application which always has two sides running on two computers. The above code first checks the version of software running on the remote computer. It then checks a special option value in a data file. If the remote version is large enough, and if the option has been specified, then it marks the need to create a special dialog box at a later time. It can't create it right on the spot because of some weird timing/threading issues.

Think of these snippets as a little window into the kind of shite that I work on each day.

Not horribly exciting.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

David Deutsch, Karl Popper & Wesley Willis sit in the cafeteria together for lunch

Deutsch: Explanative theories are much more useful than predictive theories.

Popper: Yes, but rigorous testing of your theory about theories does not free it from the possibility of refutation in the future.

Willis: I will test your motherfuckin theory so hard its motherfuckin ass turns red.

Deutsch: You are already giving into the pitfalls of predictive analysis by assuming the theory's ass will turn red in this particular instance, or that your methodologies in testing will be sufficiently relevant to the context of the problem at hand.

Popper: In one particular counter-instance, I witnessed the theory's ass turn blue.

Willis: Now that's just ridiculous.

... I better get back to work!!

C. Fx
wuz here

Saturday, September 09, 2006


Just wanted yall to know I'm pouring some out for all the homies that gotsta come hard off the vacation, back to a thick and ready pile of soul consuming work...and this is probably why I'm the only guy posting up in this...

The only guy posting up in this.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Reasons I like Radiohead, in bulleted form.

1) Jonnhy Greenwood uses a modular synth in a live performance context. I like the idea of plugging and unplugging 1/8" mini-jacks in sequence with some tempo. Its also very difficult to manage the patchings on those things because it takes alot of time to make all the 25 or so connections necessary for the production of some particular-and probably hauting-sound. I wonder if he has some syth-virtuouso-in-training butt-boy help him out.

2) Thom writes excellent vocal melodies. When I abstract away the human-vocallyness of his parts, all the bands parts coalesce in a way that reminds me of instrumental 'classical music'. With Radiohead there is no filler; every riff is a respectable composition on its own.

3) The band is able to keep their audience mildly alienated from each of their new releases (post-OKComputer, that is). This is not because they produce worse material with time, but because they always want to produce good material in a different way, rather than a formulaic way.

4) They have a really sweet poster that depicts what looks like a black mushroom cloud erupting over a 'zoomed in' picture of the United States part of a globe. Upon closer inspection the 'shaft' of the mushroom cloud appears to be composed of several superimposed dental x-rays.


Thursday, September 07, 2006

Blog mongering... what I'm doing with this post. I'm attempting to make a shrewdly thought out first move in attempts to secure a dominant position in the new battle fought here on these data-grounds; a battle to dominate the status quo of standard subject matter discussed here. With these words I form the content of future discussions on this blog. And there is nothing that can be done to stop me, unless of course others match my barrages of verbiage. And thats were you come in...


This post was made before I had the chance to view the first post...

...and so it is brought forth from the coalescing binary ooze of the data-verse: Cleansmanship.

...which means its time to consider alternate formatting, such as, "Cleansmanship!"

...that extra atittude might make the blog more likely to appeal to todays youth, what with their short attention spans and fascination with action...

...and that means more google advertising revenue for us.

-Slowly finding housing,

First Post

Cherry popped.