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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day: Five quick ways to wipe out all living material on earth

1. Nuclear chain reaction destroys all matter of Earth (Evil Genious hypothesis)

A well-financed madman has been working day and night on constructing the ultimate nuclear reactor - a never-ending nuclear chain reaction that, once set in motion, cannot be stopped and ultimately consumes the whole of earth. Somebody probably should have invited this guy to Senior Prom!

2. Nuclear Holocaust

The Cold War wasn't really over as a rogue band of Soviet-era military elite push WWIII into action, launching an all-out thermonuclear attack and prophetically provoking a civilization-annihilating exchange, affectionately referred to by Cold War buffs as MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction).

3. Black Hole Production by high energy accelerators

The world's fastest high energy particle accelerator has finally been built, but no one suspected that Superstring Theory was dead on in describing reality, its laws allowing this particular accelerator to cause the formation of a miniature black hole the first time its flipped on. Unfortunately, the theory of Hawking's Radiaton - which would supposedly curtail the black hole's ability to exist in such a situation - was incorrect, and there is nothing to stop the baby black hole from swallowing up the rest of the earth in the next .05 seconds, and the rest of the solar system in the next hour. Whoops.

4. Cosmic Radiation

A star-sized burst of ultra-high-energy cosmic radiation from a faraway galaxy has been traveling towards Earth at near light speed for millions of years. Unfortunately, the technology to detect it wouldn't have been mastered for another 5 years after the burst irradiates much of the surface of the earth, causing anything less solid than steel to instantaneously melt into ooze, then liquid, then plasma. The handful of survivors, despite never being able to walk the surface of the earth again, manage to live on for another month before succombing to the effects of radiation poisoning.

5. Planetary Destruction by Alien Life Form

Independence Day with a destructo-beam on a global scale, more akin to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Anybody have any other good ones? I'm sure there are many more ways to go instantaneously.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


He's Michael Bay
He's got the power

Bay's about on screen action
Exciting scenes are number one
This is awesome
Some people needlessly talk shit
Even before they have seen it
All those guys are fools

Pearl Harbor kicked ass, that attack scene was rough
there were planes and explosions and that was enough!

You've got to shoot
Shoot for the edit
When a big asteroid's loose
Send up Bruce with a nuclear bomb
Crash all those cars
Run in slow motion
For action there's only one way
It's got to be Bay!

With Michael Bay's reputation
I know Transformers will be one
Kick ass movie
Imagine how cool it will feel
When Optimus Prime, tough as steel
Transforms and looks around

Forget the haters who do nothing but knock
Like your movie with Sean, The Transformers will Rock!

You've got to shoot
Shoot for the edit
When the drug dealers run
Have Will chase them and dodge all the cars
Drive at top speed
Blow up that hangar
You know at the end of the day
Action is Bay!

His films are on fire!

I know Bay's got the touch!

Fast cars and guns, planes fighting in the sky
So for The Transformers, Bay is the perfect guy

He's Michael Bay
He's got the power

He's Michael Bay
He's got the power

Fabric's End

After 6 months of slow reading, re-reading and re-re-reading, I finally finished The Fabric of Reality. I read it a second time, in hopes that it would gel together better in my brain, but that didn't really happen this time either, as this would require an untainted memory, and my memory is oft so wont to taint.

Deutsch does explain a pretty interesting theory toward the end, which is, if the nature of mankind's physical (neural/mental) & ideological (epistemological) evolution can proceed uninterrupted, and on towards infinity, eventually the fate of mankind's existence will hinge on whether or not we can learn how to significantly arrange enough matter/gravity in the universe to prolong The Big Crunch.

"If the Omega Point exists (the point of the Big Crunch at which all matter collapses back to a single point)... then the late universe will indeed consist of embodied thoughts of inconceivable wisdom, creativity and sheer numbers... Admittedly, in the limit (which no one experiences), at the instant when the universe ends, everything that is comprehensible may have been understood...

"Like us, (our descendants) will never know certainty or physical security, for their survival, like ours, will depend on their creating a continuous stream of new knowledge. If ever they fail, even once, to discover a way to increase their computing speed and memory capacity within the period available to them, as determined by inexorable physical law, the sky will fall in on them and they will die."

Next time, I will review Deutsch "Four Main Strands" -- broad, discipline-encompassing theorems, when interconnected, provide an explanation of just about everything that can be known, except, of course, for the One Big Question, aka Why is there anything at all?

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Saturday, February 03, 2007

A Good idea for a short film... about 30 little dialoguge intros that each culminate in the clip where the chief says,'...cap off a few rounds I suppose.' We want to present various different ways the chief could be responding to somebody with that line. It could be humourous.

An age-old society...