Thursday, August 09, 2007

Deep thoughts

We have first person shooters, and third person shooters, but what about second person shooters? Is it even possible, and what would it look like?
(Credit to Sarah)


  1. a 2nd person shooter is when you have to talk your main character through fighting all the levels.

  2. Its like an FPS only its from the enemies persepective. It would probably be real difficult unless the enemy was constantly looking at you. Also, the controls would be mirrored and screwed up, unless you changed them.

  3. A 2nd-person shooter is an FPS embedded within another FPS.

    Imagine that you are playing FPS Game A and within that game you come across a computer console. On that console your game character plays FPS Game B.

    From the perspective of your Game A character, Game B is an FPS, but from your outside perspective as a player of Game A, Game B is a 2nd-person shooter.