Thursday, November 08, 2007

Matt Drudge likes Radiohead?

If you were unaware, the Drudge Report is a pretty interesting headline aggregation page, and I almost always find something worth reading off of it. Yes, the nature of which political stories he picks reflect a flamingly conservative bias, but more importantly he is a master of presenting news as entertainment, which is why he averages about 20 million views a day.

In the last month or so, he's posted 12 different Radiohead articles, which can be found here, and there's one today about how the new album is being physically released on Dec 31st. Which begs the question: how is it possible for conservatives to like Radiohead? I mean, besides the obvious fact that Radiohead rocks and everyone should like them...

1 comment:

  1. It would be easy for someone like Drudge to either a) ignore the political content of RH's lyrics or b) misinterpret them to the point where they seem to support his ideas. Think about it: "We can wipe you out anytime" could be seen as the ultimate statement of American foreign policy.

    Also, he might not understand what Thom's saying anyhow.