Thursday, November 01, 2007

This is teh gay but I couldn't help myself

lolcats funny cat pictures

Also, this is awesome.

"This sounds really daft, but I still cannot understand – I wish I could – why all the religious movements can’t sit down together and say, ‘OK, now this is what we have got in common: this, this, this and this. OK, there are some things we disagree on, but your figurehead and your figurehead and your figurehead are basically the same person, just at different points in human evolution. So, why don’t we agree that it’s the same person and we’ve got more in common than we have not in common? And now let’s stop fighting!’"--Thom Yorke


  1. Unfortunately not all homo sapiens are as evolved as Thom.

    His lazy eye adaptation gives him the ability to keep one eye on his bangers and mash while the other eye is free to scan for predators.

  2. Wonderful, that would work if religous ppl were rational. But then they wouldnt need thoms advice.

  3. Haha,

    Someone should tell Thom that God wants War, otherwise we wouldn't have them.

    Did you get that "lolcat" from icanhascheezburger? the guy who made that site was my coworker, but now he's a semi-retired rich bastard.

    "God wants peace
    God wants war
    God wants famine
    God wants chain stores
    What God wants God gets
    God wants sedition
    God wants sex
    God wants freedom
    God wants semtex
    What God wants God gets"

    -Roger Waters