Saturday, November 10, 2007

Whatever happened to Matt Lydon on here? (darstark/darkstar)

Matt's back in the abyss and he needs to reemerge into the blogosphere with a glorious post.

Oh my dear God... tonight was an amazing exercise in the art of drinking alone. To my credit I did text message some people but they weren't ready for libation, so I handled things for everyone.

Does my capitalization of God in the previous paragraph and in this sentence imply that I believe in said entity and show him/her/it some kind of respect? Dunno...

I should drive to the office right now and lay down some really hot C++ data structures.

Matt... you're the only mammal on this blog who knows that a named mutex is the optimal way to ensure that only a single instance of an application can run at a given time.


  1. Here's a little tip:

    Don't open up the shoe box with pics of the old girlfriend after you've been drinking alone... that leads to the dark side.

  2. Ah the forbidden shoe box. I was going to come home this weekend but then i didnt. I too have partaken in unaccompanied revelry. Thats too bad cux we could have combined forces in SB and destroyed Bush and his cronnies somehow with our hardness.