Friday, February 29, 2008

This is a paradox, is it not?

Say a man invents a machine that can send the consciousness of a rat 2 hours into the future, and then back again. However, when the rat returns, it can navigate a previously unknown maze constructed by said man. He says that he was going to teach the rat how to run the maze in about an hour. So here's the question - now that the rat already knows how to run the maze, how can he still teach the rat to run the maze in the first place? The rat already knew where to go by learning this later. By returning to the present time with this knowledge, it means the rat already had been taught in the future, but in that case, there will be no means or reason to train the rat in the future! This has got to be some sort of paradox, correct?

Quantum physics and multiple universe theories not allowed!

The Sad Death of Billy Glib

Billy Glib awoke to the sound of his own demise. Sitting up, he strained to hear the faint hiss of escaping gas that was carried on the otherwise still air. Suddenly a spark sprung forth from the dark. KA-BOOM!!! Little Billy was no more.

"As you sleep, torn I am..."

Be The Instrument

This guy turned 8 Wiimotes into a music body suit, each one is capable as acting as a theremin:

I wonder what it sounds like... and the guy still needs a rovable sound output... he should develop a neural modulator that translates the signals of the Wii (plugged into his brain) into movements of the voicebox, so that way his mouth can be his speaker.

Plus, this is a pretty sweet list of electronic instruments developed by decade, up to 1990. I didn't know the vocoder had been around since 1940:

Monday, February 25, 2008

ZMZ movie ideas...

1) The Chief goes to College -- A new city ordinance requires that all senior law enforcement officials have a bachelors degree. So the Chief enrolls at the local college and hilarity ensues. His dorm roommate, (lovable) Larry Sizemore, is a 28 year old professional student,and the two engage in a rich campaign of drinking and tom foolery. But when a recent string of on campus rapes comes to the Chiefs attention he turns all business. The rapist eventually threatens Sally, the Chiefs new love interest, and this leads to the final showdown. The rapist turns out to be Larry, and he gets owned.

2) Cambria Blast -- Five or so long time friends gather in Cambria for a weekend of debauchery. But due to miscommunication, the group finds themselves conflicted and drugless. Some of them venture out into town to try and round up some ski, etc, but john law has other plans. Meanwhile, the guys at the house encounter a nearby bachelorette party and madness ensues. Then the drug recon group, now in jail, contacts the guys at the house for assistance. But they're almost cock deep in tang at that point so they end up leaving their jailed friends high and dry. Ok, this one kinda sucks, but the idea about a movie loosely based on a Cambria adventure is good.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Support My New YTMND Site

Here's something I made using sounds from the Star Trek video I attached in my previous post. I also had to grab a few audio clips from other episodes in order to capture Picard saying 0, 5, and "point."

It's poor, but please vote for it and give me a 5 anyway.

Picard knows PI

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Friday, February 22, 2008

Hot Media..

In case you havent gone there yet, its got funny stuff. You know I'll personally recommend 'Tim and Eric Night Live'.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mass gaining and game design...

I thought about starting a blog like designsmanship or something less gay as a place to discuss design idea about things. But its easier to do it here so I'll just lay out some ideas about the mass gaining FPS game.

So if your not familiar with the basic game design philosophy its this: one of the most effiecent and widely used ways of conveiying the sensation of game mastery is by making the user feel as if he is physical becoming more powerful and capable of manipulating the physical aspects of the virtual world. So you level up, and get bigger guns or hotter melee weapons, for instance. Or if its a boxing sim the avatars models muscles get sized more, and his hits have increasingly apparant physical ramifictions for his opponents virtually modeled 'physical' behaviours (ie. he jiggles more intensly when youre sized and you hit him with a well executed move,his health is affected, etc.).

So lets take this idea to its extreme. Its an FPS. As you progress, your avatar gains mass. You get bigger, your POV elevates into the sky, and you can more readily manipulate the physical aspects of the world to your whims. At level 0 you throw small rocks and push carts. And level 100 your footsteps make craters in the ground and you can rip up and throw houses with ease. At level 0 youre quick and squirelly, like the scout from Team Fortress 2, but at level 100 youre a lumbering behemoth that steers like a tank. But you can kill level 0-5 (?) guys just by walking over them (unless they dogde of course, which would be easy at their level of squirellness).

This basic mechanic could be worked into a lot of overarching systems singleplayer/multiplayer, action or RPG, etc. The trick is how to establish continuity in the gameplay as the player advances toward greater massfullness. The player continuously sizes, so the gameplay has to continuosly ramp up from fast and furious to slow and deliberate. So the scope of interaction available to the player flows from one set to the other. So for example, at level 0 youre shooting guns and dodging around nimlby and slicing people in a very limited portion of the map whereas at level 100 your moving real fast, jogging over moutains and lakes, etc. over to some other part of the map, and then reigning hell down on it like you were god. But, at that level, when youre fighting someone else of equal size, the game play is more like two level 0 guys, only in slow motion, and the 'ring' is smaller now that you are huge and can run from one end of the map to the other in 15 seconds or so.

Ok thats some ideas.

Beatboxin Bush

Kind of lame, kind of funny.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Welcome to, the only online dating site that gaurantees to hook you up with the cleanest of mates. Our patented tru-livin' (tm) 512 dimensional compatibility algorithm ensures that bogus or vague info from our subscribers will not obscure your chances of finding that special someone. To proceed, please answer these questions as honestly as possible:

Rate the following from 0-9; 0 = highly disagree, 9 = highly agree:

1) If my bf/gf is cheating on me, I might as well stay with them, because I would probably go get with someone else that would cheat on me anyway.

2) The superficiality of other ppl depresses me.

3) Roasted things are an important part of my daily routine.

4) I wish my bf/gf would go spend more time with their own friends/family and just let me do what I want with who I want.

5) I think too many hot girls are too preoccupied with weird smells in their environment.

6) Hiding a meth lab is a real bitch.

7) I think women have a hard time projecting their selves onto their online dating profiles, and instead manufacture some ideal image that they think will make them seem desirable.

8) I am annoyed by ppl who think electric guitars sound annoying.

9) I am amused by and feel sorry for ppl who fuss over pop culture fashions.

10) I don't fit into any of the millions of American subcultures.

11) I think the religion matching sections of most online dating sites are totally screwed up.

12) I have used petty insults to intentionally hurt the feelings of my gf/bf when squablling because I am immature.

13) I'm wary of members of my bf/gf's family screwing up our kids.

14) I usually wish my bf/gf would leave me alone after sex.

15) America is populated with masses of generic, cannon-fodder personalities.

16) Chicks freak out about porn viewing way too much.

17) Chris Murphy is a good artist.