Thursday, May 08, 2008

Major Side-Effects

It's amazing, but all weight loss products are basically the same thing - a low grade stimulant that curbs your appetite and speeds up your metabolism. There's no way this is what our creator intended for us to do when the burden of resisting a third Burrito Supreme at Taco Bell becomes too much to bare.

Fantasy Sports are an incredible source of joy and pain. I recommend that you definitely don't maybe probably sign up for one never do it.

Every time an Ipod commerical comes on, I'm convinced it's only a matter of time before Sarah has downloaded whatever massively annoying song is in the background.

We made an offer on a house. We were a bit too late. It's o.k., I'd rather live in a castle.

I had a student write an AP essay using the Bible as a work of literature, while simultaneously proclaiming that it was a factual document. I love brain dead again Christians.

LOST is on in a few minutes.

Here's a picture.

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