Friday, May 02, 2008

The Other Hot Box

So, today I finally went balls to the wall and upgraded my sim-unit, gonna try out the Xbox just cuz have not before (and its significantly cheaper), and am now ready to start my new life as a Serbian immigrant in a land of new opportunity. Liberty City here I come!

ps: the multiplayer on this game is supposedly without peer (not literally), so we should exchange online fagnames and coordinate a meet-up for a violent romp some day. it would be the clean thing to do.


  1. darkstar570 is down for some virtual mayhem any time, any place, including that strange realm they call the 'real' world, as if there is such a thing...

  2. I'm going to make this purchase today and try to get my GTA chops hot so that I can put all of you inside individual hurt lockers.

  3. Yes, let us to the virtual romping. I'll curb stomp you fucks.

  4. im gonna make a screenname today probably, if i can get my interwebs aligned properly...

    "Tell my wife I said I love her.."

    the way that one cop that says "I'M GONNA BE OK...." kind of sounds like Harvey Keitel talking to Tim Roth in the opening of Reservoir Dogs, if you change "I'm" to "You're"