Thursday, May 01, 2008


Are you still listening to me?
What? Yeah. I think so.
Do you think it's important? I mean, I don't know... it just felt weird. Not like a normal dream.
I'll tell you what feels weird, man. I feel weird.
Martin's glazed eyes strained to make out Matt's form on the couch.
Are you ok?
Yeah. I feel weird, but in the good kind of way.
Yeah? You know warm butter?
I kind of feel like that.
You feel like warm butter?
Yeah, like all of the molecules in my body have been replaced by molecules of warm butter. Like maybe if I'm not careful I'm going to just melt into this couch.
Yeah, I'm definitely in the butter realm now.

- "And the stars became like unto rain, and fell to the earth..."

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