Monday, June 02, 2008

Holy F#cking SH!T

I'm standing up as I write this, as the last two nights saw me getting bent over and fucked hard in the ass by Robert Smith and his merry band of mirth-makers, the end result of which is my universe has been torn asunder and what few pieces remain are now covered in a strange translucent goo that is surprisingly soothing to the touch and smells faintly of vanilla.

The Cure live = Universe Enders


  1. was it good? I remember seeing them at the Greek Theater for Bloodflowers, which was supposed to be their last album. i heard the new album wasn't very hot. like wild mood swings, but minus the good songs.

    Robert is an interesting force to behold. what song gave you the most heat? did they play anything off pornography or older?

  2. The 2 shows were super tight. Both were 3+ hours. The first night there were 4 encores, the second night 3.

    Some of the big heaters
    A Strange Day
    One Hundred Years
    Killing An Arab
    Three Imaginary Boys

    The new album isn't out yet, so I don't know how good it will be, but the new songs they played were good.

    They also played a shitload of old stuff. For one of the encores the y played like half of seventeen seconds, on the second night the next to last encore they played like half of Three Imaginary Boys.

    It was awesome all around. The only album they didn't play anything from was The Top. Other than that they played a good selection of just about everything, including several non-album tracks.

    Total # songs: 65+ (68 I think)