Friday, September 26, 2008

What propaganda?

Uh... only one problem with this ad (from today's Wall Street Journal online)...

The debate is a few hours from now... in the future.

That's pretty hilarious -- no matter what happens -- even if he soiled himself on national TV, fell asleep during the debate or went into long-winded stories about the old days during the middle of his answers, his campaign already knows that he won!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I never post anymore.

With work harshing my realm, it’s all I can do to get home and power up the DVR or 360. The sweet embrace of my digital technology keeps me warm and distracted.

At least I’ve been heating up my guitar chops consistently, but I never read anymore and I know my brain is getting mushy in certain regions.

I probably just need to ramp up my drinking in order to compensate for the various negative forces that are working against me. That should balance things out and keep me on an even keel.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Masterers of the Audioverse

Audio mastering is truly a 4th-dimensional task, which my brain has yet to fully grope.

I remember learning about Fourier Transforms in grad school, and was wondering if any of you technuts might know if such a thing exist for measuring DB across an audio waveform. That way I can quickly see where my levels need boosting, and which instruments are too loud in the mix. It turns out I don't have such a good ear for high- and low- end frequencies. The middle frequencies I'm all over.

There's a "new" type of electronic music coming out which is all about clean production, and has only existed for a couple years under its proper name, which is Dubstep. Though I simply don't have the technological capacity to make its trademark deep, clean and round sounds, required for proper blasting on a club audio system, I am in love with the beat, because its unlike anything else currently going on -- I know you already might not believe me but you gotta check it out...

Its like a hybrid of drum n bass, dub, hip hop and techno. A lotta 32nd notes at 70 (or 16th notes @ 140) bpms makes it seem kinda breakbeat-y, but its slower than your traditional breakbeat, yet faster than hip hop and house.. unless you wanna dance all slow and reggae-y at half-time. Thats whats great about it, you can dance Dubstep fast or slow, or both at the same time, its really up to you...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"New" Mitch Hedberg CD came out yesterday

I guess its mostly new material but he hadn't quite finished the delivery for a lot of it. Supposedly there's a lot more crowd interaction in this show. When I lived in Lawndale, I remember thinking about seeing Mitch Hedberg when he was performing at the Laugh Factory in West Hollywood, but was like, "well I'll see him some day, today I'm just gonna sit at home and be gay..." Then he died like 2 days later.

In any case, you can listen to his new CD for free at (they let you play like 28 track free before you have to subscribe), and am gonna try and find a torrent for it when I get home...

I can't believe he's not mentioned in the Comedy Central Top 100 Comedians list, he's better than Andrew Dice Clay (#95), Sinbad (#65) and Gallagher (#100) combined. Why not take all 3 off the list and replace them with Mitch, Hed and Berg? Or take all 3 off, put on Mitch, and leave the two positions next to him open, so he has room to stretch out...

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Good Headphones


Before tonight, it had been far too long since I’d spent a good three hours listening to music with quality headphones. I’m not talking about those tinny-sounding little ear buds, but rather the big blasters that engulf your skull and provide real bass response.

You hear so many nuances and little nuggets that you would normally miss. You notice that there are actually four guitar tracks instead of just two, and you hear that really quiet vocal harmony.

I think these are headphones that Josh bought for me back in the M days. Thanks, Josh. It’s a gift that has kept on giving for some time. There used to be a thin faux leather coating that covered the ear muffs, but it has long since dissolved leaving only the warm foam in which I currently find my auditory receptors to be ensconced.

Of course, it helps to augment this type of experience with alcohol or something comparable.

I’m a weekend alcoholic, a mediocre guitar player and a passable computer programmer. I go through the motions and continue to eat food, shit, pay bills and exist without providing any useful output for the world.

Sometimes I watch the movie Predator when it comes on HBO HD.

Fuck, man. Predator actually is a pretty darn good movie… especially in 1080 lines of resolution on a 46” Samsung.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Do you ever wonder?

Where it comes from?

You know, that weird drive in your brain that tells you that you've gotta do stuff that you really don't want to do?

Do you ever ask yourself about the importance (or lack thereof) in daily tasks?

Do you ever want to quit life? (But not die, mind you)

Are these questions emo, or existential, or worse, are they positivist?

Why am I have a resurgence in interest in philosophy?

Do you have days where you can't derive pleasure from the usual activities?

Do you ever think you should be doing or thinking about something else?

Do you find shortcuts so you have less work to do, yet end up feeling bad about taking said shortcuts?

If you ever feel this way, I have advice! Not to worry!

You may need medication. You know when you feel the weight of sadness. Your eyes are always looking at the ground, and tacos just don't taste right anymore. Look, there's a rain cloud over your head. Is there nothing you can do? Now you can! I'm not going to tell you though - I will leave you in dispair. The only thing you'll have to comfort you at night is the sound of your dog Sparkles the Unicorn panting and eating your shoes.

This preceding post was brought to you by The Coallition of the Willing Emotional Poets and Cyclists.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Now I hate the world (mid-day tangential thread)

Fuck everybody (thats not in Cleansmanship).
People can kiss my ass.

Josh, the day after we played Madden my Xbox 360 died. It couldn't handle the agony of defeat and killed itself... I'm falling behind in Madden Chops so I've reverted back to playing Madden 2005 for PS2... And Fight Night 3 and GTA SA.

What I miss about San Andreas was the vast amount of cheats, such as the jetpack and the ability to recruit any pedestrian as a gang member. If you stand on an overpass and recruit a bunch of gang members, then slightly hover past the side of the overpass, you can get some pretty sweet mass suicides going.

Its of course also fun to load up a car with a bunch of homies, turn on the cars fly cheat, take off and achieve maximum heights, and open the door and get out, causing the homies to follow suit. You can watch them plummet to their deaths from the comfort of your own parachute, which you cheated for yourself moments earlier.

Fight Night 3 is all about making one super huge buff & perfect guy fight one small thin & unskilled guy, usually its "Bane vs. Little Billy" or something like that. I like to see how much damage I can inflict on the opponent and see how many places I can make him bleed before the ref steps in and calls it. Sometimes the featherweights just get flayed after a round and are no good to anybody, so if you wanna actually see some substantial damage you gotta move up to welter or middleweight.