Thursday, October 30, 2008


Oh yeah... its been out for like 3 months already, but I actually had a real track released on a real CD, you guys.

Its pretty sweet, Co might be able to identify the main sample, I'll give you a clue, the bands name starts with the letter "M", and no, its not "M" the band. That would be tight though.

Give er a rip: "Creed Chameleon - Inkorporation"

Winner gets a digitally-signed copy of the mp3 single.

The MC is this guy Creed Chameleon, he draws a lotta folks to shows in these parts. Hopefully he'll let me DJ that song for him live sometime. You know, put the instrumental CD on and stand there and rock out on stage. I still have yet to play with Ableton, but I think all this time has been lost without it, so I'ma bring change to this muv like Al Pacino in Heat.


  1. That's solid, Doug.

    You've made some inroads into the professional beat scene.

    If you hit the big time then I'll travel with you and keep your synths clean and your CPU optimized. All I need is beer and tang.

  2. alright, lets do it.

    have you tried the new Primo? its an ancient Hawaiian beer that they just started making again, and a pretty fair brewski.

    the Hawaiian flavors of Tang are pretty good too.