Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Messages for the peoples

CODY - I am currently watching the Suns/Lakers game, and it has convinced me that we should head down to the Staples center sometime before Sarah pops and catch a game. Perhaps we could even swing it during Christmas break. I want to see Pau "Sloppy Eastern European Version of Matt Brown" Gasol make his patented 5 foot hook shot in person.

KEVIN - I think I should buy you this shirt.

CY - I imagine your life as a cross between a rave and a Corona commerical. How close am I to accurately depicting you existence?

MATT - When are you going to come online and help me destroy the HORDE!!!!?!?!?!


  1. I agree about trying to catch a Lakers game.

    Check your email for another exciting proposition in the realm of professional sports viewing.

  2. its kind of like that. wish i could come home fo da holidays, but somebody's got to man the turret at my colony outpost.

    we should all meet up for a GTA bash tho in the near future. don't make me come to your individual houses and force you to play GTA online, so i can quickly fly back to Hawaii and play too. i'm serial, you guys.

  3. also Josh. i've seen that graphic you had directed towards Kevin on a couple of t-shirts, and was curious as to what the hell that actually meant. i don't get it. please explain it to me cuz im that dense.

  4. it looks like the shirt is saying, "I'd staple that." ...

  5. It means "I'd tap that," in reference to the game "Magic: The Gathering" and also to having sexual intercourse with a lady.