Monday, December 01, 2008

A Quick Question About Henry Paulson

Henry Paulson, Secretary of the Treasury for another 40 days or so, made $163 million in 2006 alone as CEO of Goldman Sachs. He held this position right up until he was tapped by G. Dub for his current job.

Paulson is creator, supporter and executor of the now infamous Bailout Bill, which grants the government the authority to pay up to $700 billion to banks and lenders who went bust from making shitty loans.

Goldman Sachs, one of the first lenders to receive money ($12 billion) from the bailout bill, will pay out about $14 billion in bonuses to its executives this Christmas. It is currently attempting to buy out other failing banks in order to qualify for future bailout funds, even though there is no guarantee the this taxpayer money will be used to help failing mortgages, toxic assets or do anything to aid the situation.

Paulson is a Christian Scientist. (How such "smart" people can still hold such stupid beliefs I'll never know. [Christian Science is stupid. There is no presupposition or argument here.]) So, couldn't he have simply prayed in his offtime for the recovery the economy? It would have done just as much good as the bailout bill, and would have been far less expensive.

Alas, the danged separation of Church and State kept this from happening...

So, my question to Paulson is, how are you not an accomplice to the biggest raping of the American taxpayer that a White House administration has ever orchestrated?

Between the War on Terror and the Bailout Bill, its rational to assume that Bush will go down as the most wasteful (if not "worst") president ever.


  1. All I can do is agree with pretty much everything you said.

  2. oh yeah, and if you listen to Rollins, don't listen to the new Britney Spears album. thats not very clean at all. i apologize for the untidiness.