Monday, December 08, 2008

Review: Chinese Democracy, translated into Chinese then back into English

Let us give it the right to: guns Rose Band album, original songs, because the first Bush government is a big, bold, strange and uncompromising hard rock record. In other words, it sounds very much like a rose guns, you know. Sometimes it is a clenched fist five, in 1987 the perfect storm, the destruction of appetite, more common, which is spread out a CD of the original CD-ROM in 1991, Use Your Illusion I and II, but here compressed into a A single CD-ROM supershred spastic guitar, orchestral hip-hop on a grand scale electronics, metal screen and the choir is still the man Axl Rose, rust, the temptation. If Ross had a moment of doubt or remorse for what he cost of democracy in China in terms of time (13 years), money (14 studies included in the credits) and the body count - including the export of all other founding member of the band - as he did not have that 1 in 4 Songs. "I bet you think I do everything for my health," rose through the cracks in the saturation bombing of the guitar, "Internal Revenue Service," one of the few mentioned that the album is short, he would like to know a lot of people, he said : Rose, who is now 46 years old, spent a third of his life running away from the rail, light and a half. But if he shot, "everything possible / I am not going to" splash "down", rather than the arrogance of crazy - just a good old rock and roll, "you speak of" the kind that he and the old tape of the famous warm In the first place. Rose repeatedly broadcast another Chinese Democracy: The restraint is talked about. There are many well-known guitar firepower - the dagger stabbing, licking open the first track, "Chinese democracy" and fuzzy sand devil in Riyadh ñ 'the Bedouin loop and the great distress of the "Street of Dreams." However, the wetlands and Izzy Stradlin to do so for two guitars, is now a wall of them. In some tracks, rose as much as 5 boys - Robin F inck, B uckethead, Paul Tobias, Ron "Bumblefoot" Thales and Richard F ortus-ri ffing solo and a broad, vague zigzag . It does not drag. I still believe that the wild superstuffed "Oh, my God" - China's democratic Early wasted on the track in 1999 End of Days soundtrack - all guns Rose, "including album in 1993, in the spaghetti incident? Most of these songs also make a U-turn by the personalization, as if Rose had been trying for new ways to hook or a bridge, and then decided, 'what the hell they are cool. "" Better ", then began to sound like hip-hop voice mail - a serious squeeze guitar, drums and leave the Near Rose (" no one has yet told me when / I am alone / You just thought, I would like to know better " ) - Above sea level in the old-fashioned Wallop on the Sunset Strip. "If the World" has been picking guitar Buckethead Spain's Blaxploitation movies slot, and Rose showed that he still has a long breath - some torture victims, some screaming aircraft - If no other rock singer. There are so many hours in "some time"-M ellotron string and a powerful chorus and the Ross-o verdubbed roaring sound, wah-wah guitar and a wrong end of the (more Chorus) - It is easy to believe that Rose Most of the time in the past decade, the plan itself. However, chaos has never been more like a poor quality of painful memories and lessons. In the first line, Rose can be traced back to the top much like his own - "broken glass and cigarette / write" on the wall / This is a bargain of the summer / a, 'I think I've had "- and then stack on the ship and Orchestra And the guitar. Finally, this is a big melting of the missing kiss and make a choice ( "If I could go back in time ... but I do not know"). This is the guns Rose, Rose has been hearing in his head the whole time, It is clear why the two guitars, bass and drums is not enough. It is widely too, said he believes that this is a band rose guns, more than the cover, "Welcome to the Jungle," "Sweet child of mine Austria", "love her 'and" civil war. "Wide range of credit , And democracy in China, of course, credit card details when they fall due. My favorite: "The original proposal of the agreement:" The youth in "Madagascar." Rose is a big - "language lyrics' A xl melody from the Rose" - but Shares of all songs signed with other actors, but the road. Bassist Tommy Stinson played almost every song, dizziness keyboard Reid, the only survivor of the fantasy line is Elton John Grand piano style of "Street of Dreams." However, Ross is still singing a lot about the power of pure and simple, isolated, even if he engaged in a great struggle, because "democratic China." "Madagascar" because Rose has been playing live for several years, he not only samples of Dr. Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech and dialogue Luke's cold hand. And at the end of the album, bluntly called "prostitutes", the impact of the rose almost conversational tone to a time bomb cards, 5 of the dam guitar flash Orchestra, the only lament: "You ask / Why am I the election / prostitutes to me / Well-being and living in shame. "For him, the long march of democracy in China is not a paranoid and controlling. That is to say to him: "I will not," If all the other insisted, "you need." You can discuss whether it is worth record extremes of rock self-indulgence. In fact, most of the rock, then democracy in China, he is not careful, if you do so.

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  1. "You ask /
    Why am I the election / prostitutes to me /
    Well-being and living in shame."

    these lyrics speak to me.