Thursday, February 26, 2009

Important and ill-defined annoucement

My sister Kate has stumbled upon an inspired, perhaps even teeth-shattering idea: A Nintendo Party.

I know what you guys are thinking: "WTF is Josh talking about" and also probably "I don't care what he means by a 'Nintendo Party'"

Hear me out:
Not only will we be setting up a plethora of gaming systems, Kate has also invested in a tremendous number of extra-curricular activities to sweeten the deal. We're talking, yup, food, folks and (things that make life) fun. The food will be prepared in fun Nintendo-related ways. The drinks will flow exactly the way they wouldn't at a Mormon dance. And I'll be there.

And you'll be there. Well, maybe not Cy (geography issues), but Kevin, Cody and Matt are ESSENTIAL for this to work. I know that you aren't all Nintendophiles, but I also know you have a least a few fond memories of playing Super Mario Bros., Zelda or The Adventures of Super Mario Zelda. Tap into that nostalgia like you would tap a fine Japanese ass.

Finally, I do not know when this is going to go down, but there will be further warnings, omens, and signs posted on this very website. You guys are awesome. This party is going to be awesome. Therefore, you guys will be at this party.


  1. hey that sounds awesome... I will try to coincide my next Cali visit with such an event, if I twere to choose the timing randomly anyway, which I sometimes do...

    when are they going to invent Wii Pornstar btw...

    and I think that machinima chick has a little camel toe going

  2. Yes to this. Flawless winage of the epic sort.