Thursday, February 19, 2009

The most talented man on earth

I like the part in the middle were he's pumping his fist 'in time'.

They cut out the part at the end were all the panties come flying at his head.


  1. Oh my lord.

    That guy is the master of the diarrhea synth. He's able to manipulate that box such that it sounds like a robot is shitting itself.

    I can't believe how long it goes on and how into it he is. ROFLOL!

  2. Squelch Artist Larry Wurhlenbacher

    Not related to Joe the Plumber

    I can feel it

    Its like sound thats not sound, ya know? Its more like a noise your brain makes after ingesting 700 mg of DXM.

  3. don't forget about Merzbow, legendary Japanese Noise Artist.

    he's so boss that i even named one of my songs after an album of his in his honor, "Cathedral of Erotic Misery" on "Y"

  4. Merzbow! That dude accompanied many of my worst drug trips! You know what I'm talkin' about Cyrus!