Wednesday, February 04, 2009

pakt like heat in a pakt heat box

Josh & Kevin will be happy to know they got proper credits on the inside sleeve.. its a double CD. i put other pictures of it here:

I plan to start using more hi-qual sources from now on... I got to compete with what gets played at the clubs, if I want any notoriety. Or else hone in on my keyboard skillz, but you guys gotta come out here and force me to work on my chops. im on the verge of doing it myself... maybe once i've got a sweet live act going it will be motivation for you guys to come find your true calling over here... cuz you know its hot like that. like in a pakt heat box.


  1. F the clubs. Get your strange on bro. Or keep it on, as it were. I need ecclectic Cy, not clubbin Cy. Embrace your insanity my son. Ill awnd you some synth lines with ambiguous tonal centers to help u out.

  2. to be honest, what i really need are some crunky bass wobbles, not necessarily for the clubs, but if you want to help complete a vision its always appreciated. i might come be in sb forst awhile in a couple months.

  3. Freakin' Sweet Cyrus!