Saturday, April 25, 2009

10 steps to an optimal Saturday. (Special Championship Bachelor Edition)

1.) Sleep in and watch "No Country for Old Men" before getting out of bed. - CHECK
2.) Exercise. - CHECK
3.) Catch up on blogs. - IN PROGRESS
4.) Independent chops building. - COMING UP NEXT
5.) Drink while watching the Lakers.
6.) Drink more.
7.) Street Fighter 4
8.) Watch another movie.
9.) Porn.
10.) Sleep.

You all wish your day could be that good.


  1. That's a solid day.
    I haven't been that unproductively productive in a single day in quite some time.

    Yay for the Lakers.

  2. Coincidentally I saw No Country For Old Men for the first time on Saturday. It was probably about 10 hours after you did. Solid film, not too many where the good guy dies and the bad guy gets away.

  3. Cy,

    Did you notice how that movie has almost no music whatsoever?

    There's only one scene where the faintest single-note string part plays. Other than that, there's no tuneage.

  4. That movie is amazing. I could watch it over and over. The Coen brothers really know how to pleasure the pleasure node in my brain.

  5. you know, I was so into the movie when I was watching it, I didn't really notice the lack of music.. that's one example of less truly being more.