Thursday, April 02, 2009

Growin' up proper...

I hope there are plenty of 'greens' in that burrito.

Here are some noodlebaker candidates for yur youngins.

1) What is the most significant economic obstacle your parents face right now and what lessons are you learning about it?

2) Throughout your education you have developed your rational/critical faculties and your capacity to apply your ideas and knowledge to real world problems. Should you be doing this? Is this a good idea? Does this idea survive critical examination? (Can we conjecture and refute the theory which prescibes the conjecture/ refution process?)

3) What major smoke product company will be the first to capatilize on the recent legitimization of marijauna in certain parts of the country?

4) If you own a gun, are you more likely to kill someone?

5) If I have one apple in the basket and I add one more, I get two apples because 1+1=2. But if I have one water drop rolling down the window pane and it adds to another water drop, they combine into 1 water drop. But 1+1=2, not 1. How do we reconcile this? [This one is subtle.]

6) What do you hate most about your worst enemy?

7) Does the Gov't bailout of companies violate the principles of the free market?

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  1. These are actually all amazing - but I think my students are too dumb to get most of them.