Monday, April 20, 2009

When did this happen?

O.K., so back in the day, when you were open in either basketball or football, you were said to be "open." Now, every time I watch either sport, no one is open, everyone is "uncovered"! It's even used as a verb in football, as in the sentence, "JaMarcus Russell was sacked while waiting for his receivers to uncover." I hate this.


  1. When I was watching the Spurs play the Mavs tonight, one of the announcers said something like, "...and Tony Parker goes for the dribble penetration..."

    For some reason, I heard "...and Tony Parker goes for the triple penetration..."

    I had this image in my mind of Tony Parker being the third man in a MMMF sandwich.

  2. "Open" is a politically incorrect and offensive term, since it is associated with moral and vaginal looseness.

    "Uncovered" simply means the vagina is ready for penetration without making reference to its shape or elasticity, and is the preferred term.

  3. Yeah. I think that the phrase "wide open" conjures up an image of a gaping cornhole that has just been reamed out and stretched to the breaking point.