Friday, May 22, 2009

I don't know if I can watch NBA games anymore

a) The officiating was somehow worse tonight than last night. They mixed up nearly every charging/blocking call and were maddeningly inconsistent throughout. Fuck it.
b) What the hell is wrong with Van Gundy? Your team is up two with ONE second left. You're playing Cleveland. Who should you guard? Who's the one guy you don't want throwing up a last second shot? If you said LeBron James, you're officially a better coach than Van Gundy.
c) The NBA is basically full of guys like Chad Johnson or Terrell Owens or any other primadonna NFL wide receiver. The flopping, complaining, touch fouls and constant crying by the players after every call that doesn't go there way is simply ridiculous. I hate NFL wideouts. It attracts the worst kind of person - and I'm starting to think the same about the NBA.
d) Many of the players look like that are literally doing pantomime or Broadway theater. It's like watching a Nicolas Cage movie where Cage is black and good at basketball.
e) I'm more convinced than ever that the NBA is fixed. The Magic outplayed the Cavs for the majority of the game, but there were many times that their momentum was conveniently stopped by an odiously bad charging foul. This does, however, give me hope for the Lakers. Let's see if they don't get a few calls so that David Stern can get his wet dream final of Lakers/Cavs.
f) Fuck the NBA.

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