Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Janeane Garofalo vs. the Teabaggers

Sorry for the extreme closeup. I feel it deserved an apology.

But honestly, how many super-smart conservatives can you think of? Can you name one that isn't in it just for the money?

I don't really even like Janeane Garofalo; as a comedienne and actress she is slightly above mediocre. However, she is a better telejournalist than any of those Foxbots, and even though she's an ACTRESS she has a better understanding of the country's history. How does anybody call themselves a "conservative" right now and expect to be taken seriously?

Even Joe the Plumber left the Republican party, and he's a moron. The teabaggers are pretty much morons in the same way as Joe, in that they let ignorance and fear guide their behavior instead of reason and rationality... That is pretty much all that conservatism now stands for. The political line is being drawn straight up and down across the median of intelligence, with the fearful tards on one side and everybody else on the other...

Some smart conservatives...

Ben Stein
Rush Limbaugh
Dick Cheney
Dennis Miller
Roger Ailes
Karl Rove
George Will

Not ONE doesn't espouse their conservative idiology for cash. That's the only reason anybody would.


  1. Denis Miller is not smart, he's just good at remembering random facts and dates. He doesn't understand cause and effect.

  2. Thats funny you mentioned Garofalo. I dont particularly like her either but Ive kinda been impressed by some of her observational humor. It can be scathing. Its funny when people in the audience sort of nervously laugh at her jokes.

    Also, we all need to watch 'expelled' together. It will make us hate Ben Stein more.