Sunday, May 03, 2009

Mike Tyson is a singular personality.


  1. These quotes make for a great read:

  2. yes, he's a moron, but he's still one of the greatest fighters ever... I mean, does that really surprise anybody?

    i kind of feel bad for him, so many people have been trying to take him down for so long... he's a boxer, not a politician...

    entertaining nonetheless

  3. I'm not sure if I agree that he is an abject moron.

    It's strange how his vocabulary is actually pretty big, and how he sometimes seems to express poignant opinions and viewpoints. Then, at other times, he comes across as a raging muscle head.

    He's a bizarre amalgamation of a mammal, and I do get the feeling that if he'd been raised in a more supportive environment, he would be different.

    Then again, if it weren't for his unbalanced and explosive personality, he probably wouldn't have been as dominant in boxing as he was.

  4. What I think is bizzare is that he uses difficult words correctly!

  5. What a baby eating mess that man has become.