Saturday, May 09, 2009

Prince doesn't want his music in 'Guitar Hero' ...

...because "the timing of the notes is inconsistent on different console/TV systems...I just don't want my music being integrated into an inferior product."

Just kidding. What he actually said was something along the lines of, "I think its more important for kids to play real instruments." Thats a much lammer comment. There are a couple reasons to not want your music playable in Guitar Hero, but Prince cant seem to come up with one. What he should have said is, "I don't want my music in Guitar Hero because that would encourage the genre. I want my music in the first mmorpgfps. I'll do the music free for that shit. Make it happen someone." If he said that I would think good thoughts about him. No one will ever say that though.

BTW, I like guitar hero for what it is.


  1. I'm gonna make a game called "Loop Hero," where you press button sequences to lay down heavy-hitting combinations of loops and effects.

    Or else skip that and just invent "Hero Hero," where you simulate playing Guitar Hero, and your score is based on how well you imitate somebody playing Guitar Hero.

  2. Fag Hero... in which you suck on the special controller at just the right tempo with the proper amount of saliva.

  3. How about Vagina Hero where you try to have sex with women?

  4. I'm still waiting for Wii Pimp to come out. I need to master my backhand.