Tuesday, May 05, 2009

What did you guys think of The Wrestler?


  1. I think I wish I saw it. I'm sure it was good and dark though, probably involving squalor.

  2. Yes, you do. And it was.

    My favorite scene is when he's playing the video game of himself as himself, hence the choice of still...

  3. Aww... I was hoping to spark some sort of conversation. This is actually my fave movie of '09 thusfar. The first time I saw it was on my iPod on an airplane, and even tho I was watching it on a screen no bigger than 2 inches in an uncomfortable position, I never felt like I wasn't in the movie.

    You never think Mickey Rourke isn't that guy for even 1 second... Definitely one of the greatest actors around today.

    I heard he turned down Bruce Willis' part in Pulp Fiction, along with several other major roles, including Han Solo in the first Star Wars...

    Pretty much the only thing I'd seen him in before was Sin City, which was good too, but in a completely different way.

    Bottom line: I didn't even like wrestling but The Wrestler changed my mind, gave me a new found perspective on staged fighting.