Monday, June 08, 2009

My Graduation Speech

"Dear Botlets of '09,

The real world is a disappointing filth sty with no point or reason. Indeed, the real world is a shitpile, and it is divided up into 2 kind of people -- those who are in the shit and those who are doing the shitting.

You - all of you, as a matter of fact - will be in the pile, so get used to it now.

From the time of your birth you are being grown into the part of consumer machine, trained to spend your money on pointless products that you make at a pointless job so you can continue your pointless existence, perhaps having a little bit of sex along the way so the cycle can continue, which is - in essence - pointless.

You will be told by the media and government that you have free will and are free to "do as you please," although this happens to be exactly what has been subconsciously implanted into your brain across years of TV and radio propoganda bombardment.

But oh, my Botlets! You are being lied to! A handful of unimaginably powerful individuals are keeping the world poor and sickly in order to maintain the severe imbalance of power which favors them. This includes keeping you separate from the truth, which is, the world could be a much better place if we all did mushrooms and smoked pot... "

(assassination happens around this point in speech)

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