Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Website Sucks

Woke up one mornin' with a fire in my belly
Get a presence on the net, try and make some money
Hey hey, hey hey, my website sucks.

Gonna build a fanbase, make sure my content's funny
Design a novel product, make sure my PayPal's running
Hey hey, hey hey, my website sucks.

Gonna spam blitz the scene, create a WordPress theme
Deletin' comments obscene, keepin' the HTML clean
Hey hey, hey hey, my website sucks.

Hey hey, your website's pretty gay -ay -ay
Shame shame, your website's pretty la -a -ame
There's a million better ways to waste the time of a day
Hey hey, hey hey, you're website's gay.


ps - I'm coming back to SB for the first week of July


  1. Cy. It's time for your intervention. We all agree that you've had too much Hawaii. You need to go to rehab (ie. the Merc with me and Co on a regular basis). Its for your own good.

  2. I don't know what that menas, but I wanna hang out too!