Monday, June 29, 2009

Let's face it: some places are teh sux0rz, and there's not much we can do about it except make fun of them. Since their governments suck, these people probably don't have internet access or cannot afford a plane ticket to come kick my ass, so I present to you my newest idea for a website I'll never make, FailStates.

1. South Ossetia (2008 Russia-Georgia War over Lighters)

2. Democratic Republic of Congo (sometimes democracy wills child soldiers)

3. Somalia (most Pirates flunked physics in high school)

4. Iran (criminally less sexy than the female Israeli Commandos)

5. Thailand (self-immolating Buddhist monk disguised as riot policeman)

(ps -- I'll be back in SB starting Weds morning, for a week... Anyone down for some frolf?)


  1. I love the idea for the website - and I'd love to hang out, but alas I'm stuck in Hollister.

  2. I'd highly recommend you get out of hollister and down to SB, but I recognize you probably don't have the necessary thrust to escape the gravity of your newborn.

  3. Matt Q, I was in SB last weekend, but I didn't get to hang out with William or Cody. I did hang out with Kevin, Kate, and Matt Brown though, so it wasn't complete fail.

  4. It will be a week of winning for all involved. Especially a loser a like me. I got chops though.