Friday, July 31, 2009

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"Generally, films have dialogue to support the plot. This one has a plot to support the dialogue."

Friday, July 17, 2009

Atrocity Exhibition

So, today is Aloha Friday at work, which means you get to wear jeans and a t-shirt, if you so wish. Da mainland version of "Aloha Friday" consists of employees getting to wear Hawaiian shirts to work, but we wear Hawaiian shirts everyday so on Friday we get to wear t-shirts.

Anyway, so I wore my Joy Division "Unknown Pleasures" shirt to work today, the album with an EEG recording from Ian Curtis' tweaky brain on the cover. And the question I thought to my 30 year-old self as I was strolling down a sunny Honolulu boulevard with two Walgreens bags in my hands was, what would Ian Curtis say from the afterlife if he could see me wearing a Joy Division shirt right now?

I'm relatively clean-cut, smiley and normal-looking. Not to mention 7 years older than Ian Curtis at the time of his death. I embrace the system way more than I fight against it, and I've never seriously considered suicide. Would he be pissed that his music is being enjoyed by aged, mainstream consumobots like me or would he just think its cool that his music ended up affecting countless millions? Probably the latter, but who knows.

Not like anybody in Hawaii knows wtf Joy Division is anyway. I had to explain to some co-workers once who the Beatles and David Bowie were. Nobody here cares about any music thats not currently on FM Top 40 radio. Because that's what's "cool," see? Things other than that are "not cool."

Man, it just seems like most people don't have the taste, creativity or willpower to do ANYTHING individualistic anymore. Everyone around just wants to put on blinders, walk in a straight line and say "derrr" until they die. That's good enough for most people.

I'm honestly disappointed by the world's lack of interest in being alive...

But I am not disappointed that there's only 18 minutes left before the weekend begins. So that's an optimistic way to end an otherwise pessimistic post.

I turned my kid into a fucking lolcat

Friday, July 10, 2009

Korn vs. Cyrusfx

This guy did a mashup of a Korn a capella and that one song from my Myspace that I played for the homies at the S.B. affair.

Its pretty sweet:

Remix 969651-tiny DUB3-D by 966765-tiny Dj_Prez