Friday, July 10, 2009

Korn vs. Cyrusfx

This guy did a mashup of a Korn a capella and that one song from my Myspace that I played for the homies at the S.B. affair.

Its pretty sweet:

Remix 969651-tiny DUB3-D by 966765-tiny Dj_Prez


  1. Stupid Korn. It would be better if someone used Thom with your music, but we can't get everything we wish for, so it's still pretty cool.

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  3. I think the vocals and lyrics are actually pretty good.

    I'd never heard the original song before - or anything by Korn for that matter - so its still new to me.

    I've also been sending Thom some beats and we are releasing a conceptual double album in the fall. Its about parallel universes, naturally.