Friday, October 02, 2009

"7. rawdawg

53 up, 5 down

The origin of the term rawdawg goes way back to the good ole days of the late 90's from Ellijay, GA, the apple capital of Georgia and gateway to the Appalachian foothills of North Georgia. The very first use of the word started as a compliment so as to say to someone when greeting them, "What's up rawdawg?" or "Hey rawdawg, how's it hangin'?" This initial use transformed immediately when it turned to the year 2000.

As the clock struck midnight and the year 2000 started rawdawg all of a sudden meant a style of fornication which involves everything that normal fornication involves except for the condom. The condom is just left out of the equation alltogether. So, for instance, if you or someone you know is "rawdawgin' it" that means that person is pretty much "doin' her in the butt, no rubber." But, however, not necessarily in the butt. It could be the cooter and that's just fine.

Gay people do not count, so, therefore cannot rawdawg. This protects hederosexuals from being charged as homosextionals in that if I said "Hey Matt, me and Daniel are at the bar just rawdawgin' it right now, why don't you come over?" Since gay people cannot rawdawg, there is no way that I am fornucklating with Daniel, this sentence simply means we are just sitting at the bar having a grand time."


  1. I'm just going to continue to believe that Dan Hoefer created the phrase raw dog and bail.

  2. but who came up with "fornucklate" ??

    I've always wanted to combine fornication with knuckles.

  3. I’m just going to pretend that you peoples aren’t as good as you are.

    Why do cool people have to be spatially distant from my core abdominal center?

    Kevin and I are the only cool people left in Santa Barbara. You guys need to get back here and change that.

    I’m 30 years old and all I do is drink and play guitar. (OK… that actually makes me sound pretty cool.)