Saturday, October 17, 2009

Best songwriters of our generation?

Here's my rough list, in no particular order...

Kurt Cobain
Elliott Smith
Thom Yorke, et al.

Shoot my picks down and add new ones.


marchhare14 said...

Matt Bellamy (Lead singer Muse)
Dave Grohl
Josh Homme
Tom Morello (Does he count? He doesn't write lyrics, but his guitar skills made Rage Against the Machine the groundbreaking band that they were)
Eddie Vedder
Issac Brock (Modest Mouse)
Rivers Cuomo
Jack White
Billy Corgan
Trent Reznor

cyrusfx said...

Wesley Willis, RIP...

All the greats die young.

cyrusfx said...

But honestly, I don't really like the songwriters from our generation, besides a handful of the aforementioned.