Friday, October 09, 2009

Fuck Yeah.

this tune drives people absolutely mental. play it as loud as you can. the complexity, depth and nastiness of the bass line is pretty much unparalleled even by today's technophile standards.

you guys should come out to my first big dubstep show next weekend. just create a fold in spacetime and pass through it like a pencil through a folded piece of paper. its that easy, or so i've been told by the movies.


  1. there's pretty much two ways to look at this song: either its the greatest thing ever or it sounds like your speakers have diahrrea. goddamit i dunno how to spell diahhrea.

    anyways, even if its the latter, you have to admit thats a pretty impressive feat, making your speakers sound like they are loosely excrementing.

  2. Listening to this with headphones is bad, because the headphones are basically packing your ears with loose human stool, and that stool has nowhere to go except to come pouring out your eyes and nose.

    This song is almost as groundbreaking as that fart synth video clip which Kevin posted a while back. It was the one where the guy was modulating a hot box which produced dirty, non-musical shit sounds, and yet somehow he was totally into it and looked like he was conducting the New York Philharmonic.

  3. It actually takes dozens - if not hundreds - of hours sitting in front of a computer to make a track like this. And I don't just mean writing the song, I mean chaining your patches together properly, programming the LFO for the bass wobble, getting the mixing right and then doing the mastering, which is painstaking.

  4. I hope I didn't come across as an ass by ripping on that track. I just didn't find it very musical and it didn't make my Johnson too hard. Maybe it's just not my thing. I think that Cyrus FX audio is much cleaner than that.

  5. nah, I understand... quality of audio isn't 100% objectively-based.

    unless its Radiohead, which if you don't like, you're simply a wrong person.