Thursday, October 08, 2009

Is there a term?

You know when you see a female from behind who looks deliciously and eminently humpable, but then she turns around and your boner retracts into your body? What do we call that?


  1. Well, if it was her face that caused your shrinkage, then you might refer to her as a butterface or a two-bagger or even the infamous triple-bagger.

    If it was some other frontal features that put you off, then we'll have to make up a new word. How about Frombee, as in she only looks good from behind.

  2. I call it God's Hand protecting you from your adulterous ways.

    nah, just kiddin, you know I don't believe in adultry.

    I second Frombee, which makes sense, like

    Gaybee = gay from behind

    Wilbee = my brother William from behind

    I almost nailed a triple bagger once, but she heard my friend reference her as such and in turn my chances were reduced to null.

    Which is probably for the best in retrospect.

  3. Something tells me there was alcohol involved when you almost poked the TB.