Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Kobe Bryant gots mad tough skills.
Yeah, 24 brings home the sauce.
His epic wins decrease my ills.
Like a fresh ski blast from some hemp-made floss.

Too all the dirt farmers who be hatin’.
And all the gheys who once escaped.
Prepare yourselves for some penetratin’.
Your bikes will be stolen and you gonna get raped.


  1. my dirt is all that i have, ok?

    i love a good dirt farm
    like sun in the rain
    puts that bloodworm farm
    done right to shame

    maggots and hagworms and roundworms alike
    cannot beat the splendor of dirt in the night

  2. I'm not writing any poetry, but fucking shit, that man is the most clutch fucking athlete of all-time...including Jordan. Those two 3s in a row were unbelievable, yet I wasn't surprised when it happened. Plus, Pau owned his bitch ass brother Marc in that game.