Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Here's the most horrible/awesome/cartmanesque idea for a april fool's joke for a teacher. I find a kid who's been a dick to me, and I look back at the work he did earlier in the year, when we did a bunch of "getting to know you" activities, and I divine from these papers whether or not he has a pet. If he does, good, because then I can have another kid come in and hand me a note from the office (o.k. really I wrote) that says simply printed out:

Dear Kid,
Your dog is dead. We're very sorry, we love you son.

Mom and dad.

Then, when the kid starts crying, I start yelling at him and telling him he should take it like a man, and then finally, I tell him, "Ha ha, just kidding!" and we are all friends again.

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Huge Larry said...

From Mr.Show:
I spit on your spit!
I piss on your spit!
I shit on your piss!
I fart on your shit!
I laugh at your fart!
We are friends again. Hey!