Tuesday, March 09, 2010

We are 15 strong, and we have demands.


  1. I didn't actually take out a Facebook ad for this, I just printscreened it without paying for it, but it said I could have had about 93 clicks a day for a reasonable demographic base.

    If somebody wants to Sendspace or Megaupload or whatever me The Chief, I will divide it up into 10 minute segments and put it on there. I don't have much else to do at the moment so let er rip.

  2. gah, and Google keeps nullifying the Facebook link.

    the real link to the impressive group site is:


    if they don't change that too

  3. Chris actually has a digital version of the Chief that's pretty close to being optimal.

    WoR would require some real buttering up in order to make it fresh. Another option is to just directly capture the VHS copy. It would look dirty, but it would be the faithful OG version.