Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Data Whisperer

He can talk to data.

here's some starting "evidence" for Kevin.

ARQL triggered an Engulfing Line followed up by heavy volume on 8/26 & 27.

COCO had a good Value Score but some bad news in the past, and triggered an Inverted Hammer on 8/24, was followed up by and Engulfing Line and heavy volume on 8/25.

YCS was recommended by a podcast investor I listen to which has some decent fundamental and technical potential at the moment, and not the result of a triggered event.

HOGS had a tremendous Value Score (for some reason I called it "Value Metric PE"), about 2.5x the average score, a triple-moving-average crossover, a good MACD entry and an ever-climbing Commodity Channel Index.

HMSY had nothing going for it but I had made money off it in the past. It was at a lowpoint and I bought it, and then it sank a bit below resistance and I sold it for a 2% loss. 

So if you had invested $10,000 in these 5 stocks 2-3 days ago you would have made somewhere between $300-$500, which beat the Dow Jones' $100 by a good margin.

I know, you could say, "this certainly proves nothing and could be dumb luck," but at least its something tangible that I can get my head around. If you want me to explain the relevancy of any of the measurements I use, feel free to ask.


cyrusfx said...

best shop job ever.

Huge Larry said...

Teh kleenxorz!

Mondu said...

clever mammal

marchhare14 said...

Beauty picture clark! He looks so amazing right there. Just seductive and sexual with a hint of beastiality. Very animalistic. Very true to the artform.

cyrusfx said...

So Kevin, it turns out in reality, you were totally, 100% wrong.

Do you want to eat your words now or later?