Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Data Whisperer

He can talk to data.

here's some starting "evidence" for Kevin.

ARQL triggered an Engulfing Line followed up by heavy volume on 8/26 & 27.

COCO had a good Value Score but some bad news in the past, and triggered an Inverted Hammer on 8/24, was followed up by and Engulfing Line and heavy volume on 8/25.

YCS was recommended by a podcast investor I listen to which has some decent fundamental and technical potential at the moment, and not the result of a triggered event.

HOGS had a tremendous Value Score (for some reason I called it "Value Metric PE"), about 2.5x the average score, a triple-moving-average crossover, a good MACD entry and an ever-climbing Commodity Channel Index.

HMSY had nothing going for it but I had made money off it in the past. It was at a lowpoint and I bought it, and then it sank a bit below resistance and I sold it for a 2% loss. 

So if you had invested $10,000 in these 5 stocks 2-3 days ago you would have made somewhere between $300-$500, which beat the Dow Jones' $100 by a good margin.

I know, you could say, "this certainly proves nothing and could be dumb luck," but at least its something tangible that I can get my head around. If you want me to explain the relevancy of any of the measurements I use, feel free to ask.


  1. best shop job ever.

  2. Beauty picture clark! He looks so amazing right there. Just seductive and sexual with a hint of beastiality. Very animalistic. Very true to the artform.

  3. So Kevin, it turns out in reality, you were totally, 100% wrong.

    Do you want to eat your words now or later?