Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mac's Letter To Chase Utley (It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia)


  1. This is funny. If I knew anything about baseball, I'm sure it would be funnier.

    Josh, how are you? I'm a recluse and I don't call my friends on the phone.

  2. Yes, you should watch this show and you should follow baseball, though basketball is going to be huge now that those big three are down in Miami. The first game of the season is Miami at Boston! That's going to be AMAZING. I can't wait, obviously. I think the Heat play the Lakers on Christmas.

    Cody, to answer your query, I am doing quite well. My job started up, but I've adjusted to that now. I miss having long stretches to play video games (I beat Metroid Prime, Metroid, Uncharted 2, Mass Effect (again!) this summer), but I still find time at night to fit in in there. I'll give you a call sometime.