Thursday, August 12, 2010

Perfect World: How would you play it?

So, as with poker and many other risks in life, I play my stocks kind of recklessly. I'm about to cut that shit out thought cause its not working and losing me money, just kind of fulfilling an addiction to easy reward-seeking behavior.

But one such stock I still hold is Perfect World, which is pretty much a Chinese rip-off of Warcraft. Their shit is even more simplistic yet almost entirely the same, even though they claim it is based in Chinese mythology.

I was attracted to them because their stock was kind of cheap, they have rather solid "fundamentals" and I heard about how they were expanding in Malaysia and Indonesia, which is over a billion people big. So maybe the dumb-downedness of the game makes it a bit more universally playable, so I was thinking...

Maybe it would be the catalyst that transformed Indonesia into a non-Muslim country, once they realize the benefits of Westernization by riding their level 70 Psychic into glorious battle on a panda...

Heres an excerpt from some humorous reviews I read about them, from Game Ogre:

"fantastic game!! but so many scammer hacker livin here..
but GM's dont have take any action..
also have many blackmarket and duplicator..
i only wasting my money for this game when other make duplicates item.."

The reviews seem to get worse over time, a lotta interesting stuff about how the buy-packs cause a lotta inflation in the game...

They release their earnings next week, and are currently up 7 cents (0.23%) on a day when the market's still below 0, but I've come to learn that doesnt necessarily mean anything at all..

So, do you think they will report bigger numbers or smaller (increasing growth versus decreasing)? I personally dunno, thats why I've been losing money. Its Indonesia vs. the long-time users, we'll see who wins out...


  1. You should invest in depravity and squalor because mankind always gravitates toward such things. If only you could buy stock in harlotry and whoredom.

    In all seriousness, pay attention to the California Marijuana legalization vote. Should it pass, I imagine that there will be a weed boom. You just need to gleam the cube and ride the upswing of that bubble.

  2. I'm lined up to get in on the initial offering of Hank's Haweed Hawholesalers when they go public next year..

    Its crazy how literal prostitution is semi-legal here. I mean, its illegal on the books, but you see skanky ho-nads walking up and down certain streets in the standard ho uniform, and the cops never harass them.

    I did get a jaywalking ticket once though, that was bullshit.

  3. You need to put all your money into the Cody/Kevin beer/ski fund. There is a 1% chance that if you give us enough drugs and alcohol, we will produce some product or media that will triple your investment.