Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2 am post

I don't normally shill events like this to you guys, mainly because I live in Hawaii and what would be the point? But the Santa Barbarians amongst us (don't get all Goletan-ist on me, we all know Goleta is the same thing as Santa Barbara in terms to the outside world), but since I happen to be in town I managed to get some time away to come down to this. 6blocc and a handful of English dudes got me into dubstep... He was already an established hip hop and then jungle DJ, but made the switch to dubstep as so many great e-audio pioneers have in recent years. 

Another factor I totally forgot to bring up in my ramblings about audio is the fact that where go the chicks, go the bands/djs. When new "genres" are spontaneously evolved, there are always a lotta (sometimes) hot chicks dancing in the equation. No music ever took off because a bunch of dudes sat around intellectualized about how great it was, it took off because there is some particular form of nookie to be attracted to those particular frequencies and rhythms. Bill Haley and Chuck Berry Made the chicks dance, Led Zeppelin and even Pink Floyd made the chicks dance, The Velvet Underground made the chicks dance, Depeche Mode, Madonna and Sublime all did.. Kurt Cobain made the chicks dance really fuckin hard. 

Same premise with electronic music -- the measurement of a new genre's success (sales and staying power) is whether its originators will attract enough dancing chicks to their shows. Because the other artists of similar tastes who go to all the same shows will realize this, catch on, and slowly change their sound to replicate the danicer elements, whether or not it is a conscious decision is besides the point. The point is, if somebody can create a new sound or beat that doesn't really sound like anything else before its time, and you can get chicks to dance to it, you win. 

I mean, c'mon, it totally makes sense on a base, primitive evolutionary scale. Point in case -- 6blocc is a dubstep DJ, I'll bet anybody who can make it out a drink that there will be at least 40 hot chicks dancing their asses off to this warped, terroristic, beat- and bass-heavy music. Them be the smarter chicks too. Of course the smartest chicks are the ones that listen to classical, Avante Garde, Stockhausen, John Cage, Philip Glass, Brian Eno, etc.


  1. I was totally wrong. It was kind of a sausage fest.

  2. btw, i got ur message the next day so sorry for the gay. hope the beats were nice and wobbly. i have a bassnectar pandora channel btw.