Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Aristocracy 1, Masses 0


  1. Dick Fuld, AKA Dickfold (ex-CEO of Lehman Bros.) made out with $500 million in cash, not a bad year's pay for having a direct hand in destroying the fucking economy.

    I heard a statistic the other night on Bill Maher's show that the top 400 people on Wall Street (CEOs & hedge fund managers) make as much money in a year as 100,000,000 Americans.

    Something is seriously fucking amock.

    Of course these guys are hand-in-pocket with the Federal Reserve. There is no difference -- to make a distinguishment between the two is to kid yourself.

    There was a time when the purpose of a bank was to hold your money for you, and lend it out to people who needed it. Now the purpose of a bank is to fuck you in the ass as hard and repeatedly as possible.

    The Fed can't artificially support the stock market for much longer. There will be a massive correction in the near future -- that much is certain. Whether it starts today or a year from now is hard to say, but its coming. And when it does, I'm gonna have my finger on the keyboard..

    Check out where the prices of tickers FAZ, TZA and REW were 3 years ago versus where they are today. Im up $100 in the last couple days due to liquidation of all stocks and a nice gamble on a crude oil ETF.

  2. I mean, check out where the ETFs were 2 years ago. 3 years ago the downfall was already in motion but the deceleration didn't really begin until the fail of Lehman.

  3. I think that Lady is in BIG trouble!

  4. Also, Lol @ the female wormtongue leaning in for the occasional bit of direction.