Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Love for Bill Burr


  1. What are the key differences, if any, between retarded individuals and people of normal intelligence vis-a-vis the effects of large doses of marijuana?

    When considering the relative difference in cognitive ability between the stoned and sober states, is that difference less pronounced in people who are already mentally hampered in the sober state?


  2. Weed's cognitive effects can be both stimulating and inhibiting, with longterm use leading to less memory ability, but actual mental retardation is much more inhibiting, because areas of the brain are under-developed, whereas just a few areas are screwy with weed.

    I've certainly seen people in states of near catatonia, but they always get better, and if you can function in society, then you're not actually disabled.

    Most likely the guy being talked about is of below average intelligence and since the other guy told him it was called "Retarded," he decided he would imitate a retarded person, however consciously or subconsciously.

    That shit just cracked me the fuck up for some reason.

  3. My question wasn't directly related to the original audio clip, and I agree that ski can stimulate the mind in some ways.

    Let me rephrase the question:

    Are the effects of ski--good or bad--less noticeable in people who are mentally challenged?

  4. Hmm thats an interesting question which's study could be morally unclean. Im not sure if scientists ever blitzed up a bunch of Downe Syndrome dudes and recorded the results, but it could be difficult to prove the patients know they are willingly part of a research study, and understand the risks involved.

    But I knew a guy who smokes and used to work at Devereaux, and one time he gave a couple puffs to a tard, and he freaked out.

  5. Interesting... I can see how a special-needs individual might have a bad experience on weed, because he or she might not fully understand the reason behind the distorted reality. Even when high as fuck, most folks have an understanding that the ski is causing the high, and they realize that the blaze will pass and the world will not end. The same can perhaps not be said for a person with a mental handicap.