Saturday, April 16, 2011

Does anyone else think Smirnoff Ice is overpriced...

...or am I just a big queer?


  1. I just did a quick online comparison, and it seems that Smirnoff Ice is priced roughly equivalent to a mid-range beer. That's about what I expected. I would need to spend a little time drinking it in order to have an opinion about whether the price is fair.

  2. But you are a big queer. I've done enough hands-on research to know that...

  3. There's some ambiguity in the words "big queer." This can actually represent 3 different possibilities:

    1.) A small or average sized man who is big in his queerness.

    2.) A big man who is small or average in his queerness.

    2.) A big man who is big in his queerness.

    Since Kevin is a big man, we can use contextual knowledge to limit ourselves to options 2 and 3.

  4. These days I enjoy a nice Bud Light Lime, which have also become synonymous with fagginess.

  5. A sixer goes for around $10 here. That just seems like too much cash for a drink that makes you gay.