Thursday, April 07, 2011

There's enough C4 in this blog to put a whore in the world.

for some reason AMC thought I wanted to watch Speed at 4 pm. AMC was right.

what y'all think about Bill and Ted 3: Bill and Ted DP God ?


  1. worst lines in the movie:

    1. "Of course they'll save us... If we all die, they have to take a paycut!"

    2. "(The bridge) is finished on the map!"

    "Well, I guess they fell behind schedule!"

    3. "Do not attempt to grow a brain, Jack."

    4. "I'm smmaarter than you Jack, I'm smmaarter than you.."

    "Yeah? We'll I'm taller."

    5. "Where is Payne?"

    "He lost his head."

  2. Poor Jeff Daniels got blasted to bits by a hot load of human-stopping flame sauce.

    I would totally go and see "Bill And Ted's Surreptitious Sojourn Into Sodomy."