Thursday, April 07, 2011

There's enough C4 in this blog to put a whore in the world.

for some reason AMC thought I wanted to watch Speed at 4 pm. AMC was right.

what y'all think about Bill and Ted 3: Bill and Ted DP God ?


cyrusfx said...

worst lines in the movie:

1. "Of course they'll save us... If we all die, they have to take a paycut!"

2. "(The bridge) is finished on the map!"

"Well, I guess they fell behind schedule!"

3. "Do not attempt to grow a brain, Jack."

4. "I'm smmaarter than you Jack, I'm smmaarter than you.."

"Yeah? We'll I'm taller."

5. "Where is Payne?"

"He lost his head."

Huge Larry said...

Poor Jeff Daniels got blasted to bits by a hot load of human-stopping flame sauce.

I would totally go and see "Bill And Ted's Surreptitious Sojourn Into Sodomy."